Sky Industrial Bags, Incorporated


Sky Bag Manufacturing Corporation was organized and incorporated on April 19, 1968, for the primary purpose of supplying multi-wall kraft paper bags to industrial users like cement plants; sugar & flour mills; makers of seaweed, feeds and/or food flavoring; and chemical and pharmaceutical firms.  In 1982, the company expanded its facilities in order to manufacture laminated woven polypropylene-kraft paper bags for the export cement sector.  The latter addition was registered with the Board of Investments (BOI) on July 12, 1982. Then in 1997, the company modified its tubing machine to accommodate bigger-sized bags.​ 


Sky Bag is now one of the largest producers of kraft paper bags and has been included among the TOP 1000 CORPORATIONS OF THE PHILIPPINES for a number of times.


To reflect the change in majority ownership, Sky Bag Manufacturing Corporation was renamed Sky Industrial Bags, Inc. in January 2003.

Manufacturer of Multi-Wall Kraft Paper Bags for: